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Onward VIP Protection+Updated 5 months ago

ElevenOaks has partnered with Onward to provide our customers with carbon neutral shipping protection, CashBack and a 90 day satisfaction guarantee on your purchase. When you add Onward to your order, you’ll be protected against lost, stolen or damaged packages. You’ll also have a 90 day satisfaction guarantee where if you experience product quality issues, Onward will work with you to make it right or refund your purchase. As an additional benefit, you’ll receive 10% of your purchase as CashBack for your next order with us.

How does Onward work?

Onward is an on-demand concierge service that covers our customers in the event they have shipping issues or have product quality issues with their purchase. If you add Onward to your order, you’ll be able to file a claim with just a few clicks and have the option of receiving a refund or a reorder based on the type of claim. Your claim will be reviewed for approval within an hour.

How Do I File A Claim?

You can quickly file a claim through the email that Onward sends you after you place your order, or you can file here.

Who does Onward partner with to make shipments carbon neutral?

Onward has partnered with Cool Effect, a 501c non-profit climate change organization, to neutralize carbon emissions from your shipments covered with Onward. When you add Onward to your order, you’ll be automatically taking action against climate change.

How Much Time Do I Have To File A Claim?

You’ll have 90 days from the order date to file a claim.

What happens if my replacement order through Onward also gets lost, stolen or damaged?

Not a problem! Any replacement orders that are placed by Onward are still insured by Onward.

How does Onward’s CashBack feature work?

One of the benefits of adding Onward to your order is their CashBack feature. When you add Onward to your next order, you’ll receive 10% of that order as CashBack to use on a future purchase with us. After you place your order, Onward will email your CashBack balance and a code you can use to redeem your CashBack on your next purchase. As you place further orders that include Onward, your CashBack balance will increase and as you redeem your CashBack, your balance will decrease.

How does Onward’s Satisfaction Guarantee work?

Onward’s satisfaction guarantee provides coverage for any quality issues you experience with the use of our products.Quality Issues are defined as accidental product damage occurring during normal usage such as tears, rips, stains, drops, punctures, cracks, breaks, mechanical failures and electrical issues.If you experience any of these issues within the coverage period, you can file a claim with Onward. Onward may first attempt to repair the product at their expense before either replacing the product or issuing a refund. 

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